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Hi everyone!

I'm an Italian freelancer (SEO Consultant) and I've just arrived in Lisbon, together with my boyfriend (a Swedish business owner). We'd like to relocate here (officially from January 2022) and apply for the NHR status. I have 2 main questions:

1) We contacted a couple of tax firms to get a quote, but they are asking us something like 1000-1500 euros only for the NHR application.
It seems a bit too expensive. Anyone knows any reliable tax advisor / accountant who can help us with the whole process (residency, NIF, NHR) and can also handle our tax return yearly?
Would you recommend us to apply on our own, otherwise? The process seems to be quite straight-forward, but I wonder if there's any risk in doing so.

2) We're thinking of renting an apartment for a long lease (1 year) starting from November 2021. However, we'll apply for residency in that same apartment in January 2022. Would this compromise the application for NHR?

Thank you so much for the help!!

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