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You definitely need to look at AHPRA website as a start for international registration. I'm a midwife it took me 5months, still waiting to have my health visiting registered.
The website and process is very long winded.... You need all documents notirized this can be done at a local court- this is the cheapest option.
Once you are registered that's the main hurdle. Look at www. Seek.com.au or Queensland health for jobs there are loads of midwifery positions
I'm going out on a 457 visa which has just been approved
If you went for a permanent visa it costs around £3000....457 is about £300 but obviously not permanent !!!!
Look at other posts I've answered to, they may help you :))
But you defo need to read Indepth the AHPRA website and immigration website which indicates what type of visa you could apply for- using the visa wizard.
If you need anymore help let me know
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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