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Newly qualifed midwife ... Where do i start?!?

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Hi all

I am not sure if this is in the correct area but am after as much help and advice as I can get!

I am a newly qualified midwife with so far 2 months working experience here in the UK and have always wanted to emigrate to Australia, and due to personal circumstances have decided now is as good a time as any to move as there's not much keeping me here and not really enjoying my job.

I didn't really know where in Australia I wanted to go but some friends of mine are making the move shortly and will either be moving to Perth or Banbury so I figured this would be a good start as I'll have somebody I know making it a little easier to settle in, however not sure which would be better for me trying to find a job, from what I understand I'll need to find a job prior to going due to lack of experience, but also as a young single person too ( I'm not a busy city person but would like somewhere with a good social and night life?

I also wondered how it would work with finances as I don't currently have much saved and still live at home with parents?

I know there's a lot of questions but I'm just trying gather as much info as possible before I start putting everything in place so any help and advice would be very much appreciated as I don't know where to start


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* Bunbury I ment to write :)
Well l would start by looking at the AHPRA website and get registration as you can't work without this. As far as l am aware you will need experience as what you have seems minimal and with AHPRA had to show more than two years experience but it might be different for a midwife.
To send off for your reg you will need all documents notarized so look that up cost varies depending on where you are in uk.

Not sure what you mean about finances while in oz or getting yourself there

Hope it helps and have answered some of your questions
Oh how old are you? you can maybe also look at working holiday, another route to get there
Think about working holiday visa if your 30 and below
Thanks for your reply ozchecks ive no idea where I start! I am 21, soon to be 22, so not sure what visa to get as I know midwives are sought after! With regards to the finances I just wondered what finances I would need in place before emigrating as I've heard you have to have so much in the bank before you move?!


Well not necessarily, depending on which visa you go for you just need the finance to apply for them
I went on working holiday visa which is one to two years and was able to work, which you will be able to do too as long as your registered as midwife

You can go on a 457 visa which can be employer sponsored but check on immi au website and have a look at eligibility and cost of visas too

Or you can apply for permanent residency.
Also look at the skills website, but yes they do need midwifes. Registration can take anything up to 6 months. So look this up too
Ah right I see, if I went for the working holiday visa can I then go on to apply for a permanent visa?

As much I would love to move quickly I think realistically I would be looking after August before I could think about moving so this hopefully will give me time to look into things and get sorted!

In terms I the location do you know much about Perth or the Bunbury area ... It's just my friends will be moving to either one of these so figure it's a good place to start


Yes l think so, but once you are in oz there are few options available.

No sorry was in South Australia so not sure about Perth as l remember its very remote but like you say you not a city bud.

Ps.. I worked at hospital and they offered accommodation this helped the first 3 months l got to oz as l didn't have that hassle
Ah right maybe the working holiday visa may be better, it's just the security of knowing you have a job to go to and an income I think especially with the lack of funds can't afford to not work when I arrive

That sounds great with the accommodation did you have your job in place an the accommodation prior to moving then?


Well l was on the WHV and registered with an agency before l left so it was all organised and just went to the hospital when l got there.

Well on the WHV you work for an employer 3 months and same employer for 6 months and not more. Even if you take it you can work for 4x 3 months at different locations or 6 x2 to make up your year.
You can get a second year WHV but you need to do 3 months work in agriculture.

Might help you raise some funds to do PR
You definitely need to look at AHPRA website as a start for international registration. I'm a midwife it took me 5months, still waiting to have my health visiting registered.
The website and process is very long winded.... You need all documents notirized this can be done at a local court- this is the cheapest option.
Once you are registered that's the main hurdle. Look at www. Seek.com.au or Queensland health for jobs there are loads of midwifery positions
I'm going out on a 457 visa which has just been approved
If you went for a permanent visa it costs around £3000....457 is about £300 but obviously not permanent !!!!
Look at other posts I've answered to, they may help you :))
But you defo need to read Indepth the AHPRA website and immigration website which indicates what type of visa you could apply for- using the visa wizard.
If you need anymore help let me know
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