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Newbie on the forum!

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Hi guys!
My name is Sarah, i'm 28 and have recently been offered a job in Perth with my current employers, so i've been searching on the web for as much information as possible!

I'm very lucky as I already have family in Perth and have visited quite a bit over the past few years.

Work have said that they will sponsor my visa, but i'm still waiting on more information about what I will need to do etc. The information on here has been so useful already and made me very excited about my new adventure.

If there is anyone in Perth that has any tips on the areas that may be best looked at/avoided to live in i'd be much appreciate. As much as i love my aunty. i'm not sure that I could stay there for too long!

Look forward to "meeting" you all :)
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Hi Sarahlou,

I can't help you about Perth since I've only been there once but I wanted to welcome you to the forum!

Have you tried doing a forum search? You may find some more info on Perth by doing that.

Welcome Sarah, Wish you the best of luck!
welcome to the forum.. wish you luck
Thank you for all of your kind wishes.

I spoke to our Australia office today and they have suggested that a job coming up in Brisbane may give me better opps career wise.

I've never been to Brisbane before, and was wondering if anyone had any strong views or could compare Brisbane to Perth/any other UK city.......

Also, does anyone know if it is possible to start of the visa application prior to agreeing which location i will go to?

Thanks in advance
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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