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As I nearly had a panic attacks during my process when my supporting documents arrived back with no note or passport, thought I would share what i think happens to your supporting documents that isn't actually outlined anywhere. Emphasis on think as my priority visa is well past it's indicated processing time and still not back!

1.) After biometrics and sending all documents to the UKVI address in Auckland, all supporting documents (and maybe passport?) are sent to VFS Global Australia.
2.) VFS staff will add barcode dividers to your documents, then scan these and send them through to the visa processing office.
3.) Supporting documents (essentially everything you sent except current and any previous passports) are returned, with no letter or note, but the barcode dividers added.
4.) At some stage (either from Auckland or Australia, not sure but doesn't really matter), your passports are sent to the processing office (Manila) and are held here until visa is processed (again I think as I am still waiting!)

If you were to apply in Australia, you have to add the barcode dividers yourself, but these are then scanned with all documents at a VFS office during biometrics and you take the original documents away with you after your appointment.

If you go to the VFS Global website, say you are applying for a UK visa in Australia then you can see the link on the main page for scanning documents (I can't post links yet)

So moral of the story, I think if your documents arrive back with barcode page dividers, this is now part of the process and not something to worry about.

Also, it means you have to have an A4 copy of every document you are sending (so old birth certificates etc shrunk onto A4 page) which isn't really told to you before you apply so make sure you have these before your biometrics. Send originals as well so these can be verified.

Hope this helps calm any worried people in NZ, and also that I am right in what I have said! Will confirm if/when I get my passport and visa back.
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