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I just registered on here, I am seeking some help and advice and who knows even new contacts/friends in the USA / NYC.

I currently live in London UK, and am a Director of a UK business (Ltd Company), we have clients in USA and have for many years, and have always had an "office" address in USA (but no one located at it).

I am looking to immediately come and work in USA to meet our clients and find new ones.

I have in mind 3 lengths of time.

Initial 3 months

Then 6 Months

Then maybe 2 years or longer

I am a shareholder of the company and we do actually have an LLC registered in Boston.

Any help/advice/suggestions do's and dont's appreciated ;-)

Oh initially to be based in NYC...but later could be Florida.

(Considering bringing family out wife + 1 15/16 year old June 2013.

Many thanks

All help appreciated.

Les ;-)

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Hi les

Sounds like you need an L1. a or b is the question. Management or Expert knowledge. Plus a good US immigration attorney. All in all my L1 took around 5months in total. Once everything was submitted a few weeks.


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