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New SOL announced 17th May

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New SOL list - to come into effect 1st July 2010

The list is finally out.

Bad news for me because my occupation is off the list.
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What was ur occupation???? Have u already completed ur ACS assessment and not applied to DIAC????
The New SOL has still IT professions, I feel all the technology specialist people (who were earlier in CSL) will come under ANZSCO 261312 Developer programmer. So I think now also every1 can apply for GSM.
"unfortunately" I'm a pharmacist.

i guess i'm not gutsy enough to submit an application to the DIAC before I was 100% i had everything in hand - over time, changes kept coming and i seem to always be one step late.

applied for skills assessment in Dec 09 (after finding out I have enough points - 130 points - to apply for a 175 visa) and arranged for IELTS in Feb 10. Looking back, I should've done all those earlier but i didn't expect all these changes in such a short period of time. I was away on holiday and didn't check the DIAC website (had limited internet access during that 3 weeks as well). Came back from my holiday and was happy to find my skills assessment letter - THEN i checked DIAC website and wondered why I didn't have enough points when I tried to do an online application. :(
MODL removal left me with only 115 (retaking IELTS wouldn't help because I got 8.5 - I've got the max points already and still it was just 115. I couldn't claim for specific work experience because I worked as a medical rep for 2 years prior to my current job - and i've been working in this position for only 2 years - bummer!)

Wanted to apply a provisional 475 under cousin sponsorship but my mother did not have her birth certificate (it's a long story) and that further delayed my DIAC application. Then in Apr, I had sort of a windfall and found out I could scrape enough to show SA that i have the AUD25k needed for state sponsorship. On the day I sent out my documents for state sponsorship, they announced temporary suspension. I thought, maybe when they lift the suspension, I may be able to apply again - but now pharmacists are off the list.

Ah! Such is life.

Lengthy story - but just wanted to get it off my chest. Frustrates me to no end but oh well.
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