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New SOL announced 17th May

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New SOL list - to come into effect 1st July 2010

The list is finally out.

Bad news for me because my occupation is off the list.
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They have changed the codes altogether.. where do we find which previous code comes under what code now
thanks, read the faqs.. but how will they be processing the old applications is the question..
I dont know what to make of this but looks like those who have ss are safe.. Or maybe i cant help thinking positive..
They have taken off most IT pros too.. My husband's skill was systems manager, he works in exchange, server deployment and maintenance.. I dont see anything that would be near his skill.

Dont think there is an option but to wait fr further info. Sure it is too early to comment anything. I am seriously considering canada b4 its too late. 50kINR is a risk worth taking, if i manage Au and canada, ofcourse Au will be my first choice but Au or Canada, atleast i will be out of this S**Thole
i think they would be allowed to stay on temp visa for 18 months.. easy to say but that should give them time to plan further..
I dont think randhir.. he saw it and laughed, the only thing he said was, i dont think Australia wants me there :p.. but yeah he knows we r safe as we applied long back and have ss as well.. But again.. DARN!!!
1 - 6 of 36 Posts
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