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New SOL announced 17th May

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New SOL list - to come into effect 1st July 2010

The list is finally out.

Bad news for me because my occupation is off the list.
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I felt, it will start a new trend (i.e. Employer Sponsorship), which was/is more difficult to get for countries like ours. Do you agree the idea?

The number of places available to independent skilled migrants in the skilled migration program is expected to fall as the number of places available for employer-sponsored skilled migrants increases. Employer-sponsored migration matches migrants directly to jobs in Australia, making it the best method to ensure the labour market gets the skills it needs now.

It is therefore important that the smaller number of independent skilled migration places that are available
are filled by migrants with skills that are critical to Australia’s economic development in the medium to long term. The new list of occupations identifies these skills.
I believe existing Applicants are in safe land , please read & comment on this

"It is proposed that the new list of occupations would not apply to any valid GSM applications already lodged before the date of implementation. It is also proposed that it would not apply to people who, on
8 February 2010:

held a subclass 485 (skilled graduate) visa or

had a pending subclass 485 visa application
and who apply for a provisional or permanent onshore GSM visa before 31 December 2012."
I lodged an application for a GSM visa before the minister announced the new list of occupations. Would I be affected by these proposed changes?

Any pending GSM visa applications lodged before the new list of occupations comes into effect would not be affected by this change.
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They have focused through out International Students only through out their "FAQ" since "International Student" is their another big industry.

As usual DIAC introduce this change with lot of new confusions. like others, i am also confused & afraid, what would be the future of existing application. Will they put them on a hold or put them in least priority least?????

The guys who have applied through agents may be able to answer these questions after getting response from their agents.

@ Shafaqat: Enjoy the weather:)

I believe there will be two scenarios for people got ACS assessment, either get a SS or Employer Sponsorship, otherwise they will have to reassess their application. This is my 1st thought, may be not accurate.
Confusion still exists ( it is specialty of DIAC) , What would they do with existing CSL && SS? If CSL revoke then their should be a new Priority processing list since in existing Priority list CSL exists. So if someone get any clue about future of CSL & SS for existing Applicants, do share please.
I believe we shouldn't be that much optimistic, since they have took measures for controlled migrants inflow and to be demand driven as compare to supply driven
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