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I'm so glad to have found a forum where I can get advice from other people going through this process or even already through it! I am already (!) getting overwhelmed with everything that is ahead of me in my journey to get from the US to Australia.

Nearly three years ago I met my Aussie boyfriend online, not looking for a relationship, and we became fast friends and then our connection was something we could not ignore. We started a long distance relationship and it's been lovey dovey land ever since. Earlier this year I got to visit him in Australia for 3 months and early next year he will be visiting me in America for 2 months! He has kids from a previous marriage so leaving Australia to live in the US isn't an option. I am happy and willing to be the one to move to be with him. So after his visit here we will have to make the decision about the future... we want to be together.

I would love some advice or tips from people who have been through this or are going through it. I have so many questions.

Do I need an immigration agent or lawyer?
Do we need to the fiance visa or would it be better to get married and go straight to the spouse visa?
Does it matter which country we get married in?
Is documenting the relationship difficult? I have hundreds of pictures, cards, emails, etc.

Thanks in advance; I hope to hear from you!

if you plan on getting married you can apply for the prospective marriage visa. The conditions state you must have met in person and you must get married within 9 months and then apply for the spouse visa. If that suits your plans apply for that one.

You should be getting married in Australia or else there would be no need to apply for that visa. if you planned on marrying elsewhere you can then apply for the spouse 309/100 visa after you are married.

You don't need an agent for either visa. They are relatively simple to apply for so long as you read and follow the spouse visa booklet you can get off the DIBP website.
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