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I thought this might be of help to those on the job hunt but not sure of what they want to do next.

Pôle emploi, French unemployment agency, has started a new program at the Pôle emploi in the town where I live. It's a small town in Brittany called Ploërmel. It is called a "prestation professionnel" where we spend three months going over what are your skills and your interests in order to establish a plan of action to get a job or additional training.

We're only the second group to do this in our town. I have only just started and, so far, have only gone to two sessions. They are made up of group sessions lasting all day, and individual sessions lasting one hour.

It is interesting. You make contacts and learn to better your situation. For example, I am going to get my French driver's license because the class finally convinced me that I cannot get a decent job with a car, especially living in the countryside. I might have to work at the local McDonald's for a few months to save up for the permit. It costs about $1,000! Or my husband and Mami may help me. We'll see.

You don't get paid for being in the program but, heck, it's free! I am hoping this will lead to what they call "formation rémunéré" or paid training.

When you register with Pôle emploi, make sure to ask about Cap projet professional, and if they offer one in your region.

Good luck,
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