An international medical insurance provider has launched a new global travel insurance plan designed exclusively for European Union residents regardless of nationality.

Offering a choice of two core plans, the offers from ALC Health cover benefits including medical expenses, missed connections, trip cancellations, personal belongings and legal expenses, with the option to add golf and winter sports packages.

They also have a choice of either single (up to 100 days) or multi trip plans and where policyholders may choose from three geographical areas to suits their travel plans, each plan includes as standard travel cover between any two homes in Europe, providing a useful additional benefit for those who have a holiday home.

‘Our new travel plans have been designed for those who are looking for comprehensive cover at an affordable price and unlike many travel plans, ALC’s Prima Travel plan is available to anyone living in any EU member state,’ said Andrew Apps, sales and marketing director at ALC Health.

‘We believe it is an ideal option for the increasing number of expatriates who may have a local medical insurance policy but need protection when they travel abroad,’ he explained.

He believes that the optional Winter Sports and Golf packages, including hole in one cover, will give better choice to those living abroad who travel frequently between two or more countries. The fact that the policies can be bought on line, any time of the day, makes them even more accessible.

‘A simple, straight forward and easy to follow on line application process makes Prima Travel the ideal why of protecting your health, your belongings and your travel plans,’ he added.