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Hi All

i am a student from India and right now doing a study on hair oil market in Egypt, it is a tuff study and i am facing a few problems on answering certain points like

1. Which are the hair oil brands/products available in Egypt, please mention as many as you know (branded/unbranded)?
2. What kind of hair oil (Olive or Argan or Coconut etc.) do Egyptians use more often?
3. What are the different packaging (sizes – 25ml/50ml/100ml etc.) available for the hair oil brands/products? Which one,do the consumers generally buy?
4. What is the price range for the available packaging (sizes)?
5. How often do Egyptian males and females use hair oil – daily/once in a week/twice in a week/others (please mention)

it will be gr8 help if anyone can provide some input on the given points ....its a much needed help :) ...looking forward for some inputs.

Thanks & Regards
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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