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I tried to do some thorough searching before asking a question, but I'm not fining anything that addresses my question.

I currently live in Italy, my mother lives in the US. I visit her and my sister some. I'd like to have the ability to drive there when I go. But...I don't go that often. Maybe once a year if that. And my mom and sister live in two different states.

So, I just got notified that I need to renew my driver's license. Drats! The last time I got a good driver (not driving...) sticker to put on my license.

So. Can I drive on my italian drivers license with my US passport as ID? Should I go through the hell to get the US license anyway, just to keep up appearances? It would require getting a voting reg sent to my mom's and doing an eye-exam here. I could probably swing that.


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If you're resident in Italy, you can drive in the US when you're visiting there on your Italian license. (It may not even be possible to renew your US license without a bona fide residence in the US.)

The rental car agencies accept foreign licenses all the time for renting a car. So I think you're ok with your Italian license.
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