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Hello Experts,
Its my first time on the forum and I need some guidance on EOI and prospect invitation.

I am in the US currently and using official migration agent to help out.
My EOI posted under ICT Business Analyst at 55 points in July 2016. State sponsorship was requested for Sydney. I was told only that state accepts at 55 points.

Recently, I got IELTS 7 and increased 10 points making it 65 points now.

Can someone guide me on 3 questions -
1) Should I request agent to apply all states now for sponsorship. Is it an option at all so I move from 65 points to 70?

2)What is my prospect in coming year at independent visa not needing state sponsorship, at 65 points is there any scope where my priority date is in July 2016?

3) Can anyone foresee how long in terms of weeks or months more would it would take for my application to get a prospect invitation

Any help would be appreciated.

The decision to sponsor you or not depends on the sates. Not on you.
You can only apply and wait.
The drawback in 190 is the commitment to live in the state for 2 years.
In which states, you are comfortable living and have job prospects only you can decide

At 65 points With an approximate 6 months wait, last year most applicants got an invite
How it will pan out this year remains to be seen


State sponsorship is something no one can predict.
Applicants are sponsored within a day and on the other hand having been more then a year
It all depends on how much your skill is in demand in the state

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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