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Hi friends

I need a little guidance, Please guide me.

I'm on visa 489 from August 2015 and I'm going to apply visa 887 In October, As I almost fulfil the visa conditions.

But in March 2016, while I was holding visa 489 and fulfilling its conditions. I applied for visa 190 through MARA agent and in May, I got the refusal because of insufficient work experience. He claimed 10 points for my three years (Australian) work experience (Including the work experience before getting my skills assessment).

After discussing with couple of other MARA agents. I got to know that according to migration act for visa 190 you can only claim points for the work experience which you earned after getting your skill assessment. A very basic and important law for MARA agent to remember And it was too late for me when I realised that the agent just wanted to make money from me. He didn't tell me that I was not eligible for the visa 190 at that time. Which cost me $3650 as a visa fee and he charged me $2000.

Well, I just want to know that, will this visa 190 refusal will effect me when I will lodge my visa 887. After fulfilling all the visa conditions of 489.

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