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I am new to this forum and as a beginner to this whole Australian immigration process , i would need your help especially now the rules are changing for skill assessment.
I have yet to take Ielts exams,hopefully will be done by the end of July.
My main concern is the next process ''Skill assessment''.
I am ACCA affiliate (P6 and P7 as options) plus OBU BSC degree qualified.Changes expected from next month require proof of 7 mandatory subjects for skill assessment for the category of Accountant General and 8 for External Auditor.Previously mandatory subjects were only 4.They have made subject like Economics and Quantitative methods as compulsory subjects.We do not have specific subjects on these name.Even if there is economics that was small section in F-9 financial Management
Now keeping in mind 14 subjects of my ACCA and BSc degree, would i still be able to get positive skill assessment?Would any senior who has done ACCA be kind enough to breakdown compulsory subjects mentioned on CPA/ICA website to that of ACCA?Anybody who is going for skill assessment on ACCA after July 2015 can share their opinion as well.If we do not get positive skill assessment because of 1 or 2 subjects ,what options do we have to get positive skill assessment?

I would appreciate your help in this regard.
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