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Hi Guys,
Hope everyone is in good health, I am having a criminal prosecution undergoing on me, case is related to Dubai duty free shop, by last week of Aug 2017 I was traveling back to Pakistan as I went to DDF web shop to collect the order of my FRIEND not mine, staff over there asked me to wait and after few moments they said that the card which was used for placing this order was stolen. I was literally shocked to hear that because I was not the one who placed that order but it was my friend and I went there just to collect items on his behalf, cut in short they filed case against me, confiscated my mobile phones, laptop and started investigation. I am on kifala and I have deposited my friend's passport in exchange of my passport.
The reason of writing here is to know if they have decided to pass verdict on my case or case is still under investigation, what will happen next as I have not appeared to public prosecution but only once when i wanted to exchange my passport with guarantor, my next date is 9th Nov but I am not sure if I will be able to made that because i still have some works to do here.
Kindly advice me what should I do next? What can I expect?
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