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Hi all,
I am considering subclass 189 or 190 for Electrical Engineer for EOI. However, even though I do have a Bachelors degree in electrical engineering, I do NOT have any working experience as an Electrical Engineer as I have been in teaching profession since graduating 15 years ago.

I will need to go through the CDR pathway for skill assessment by Engineers Australia (EA) based solely on my qualification. My question is, will I be assessed positively by them considering especially the many (number of) years I've graduated from the bachelor's degree? Is there an "expiry date" in the qualification from the perspective of EA?

Since a positive skill assessment is a prerequisite for EOI, I need to make sure that this is possible before taking the next step. I will need to secure 20 points in English test (IELTS band 8) in order to get 55 points. Another 5 points will have to rely on state nomination (which is uncertain).

Considering my case above, do you guys think I should proceed with my migration plan? How much chance do I have?

Please help. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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