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need help in skill assissment

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I am currently working in Dubai, and just started looking at the possibilities to relocate to australia... Could someone plz guide me which skill assissment shall I go with?

I got around 7 years of experience in Java/J2EE technologies, but dont have relavant degree, in 2002 I completed 1 year diploma in IT (from a private institute not sure its valid for ACS or not) and in same year I cleared SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer) exam and started working as a java developer in a company.

So total:

I have 1 year diploma completed in 2002 (from a private institute)
2 certifications SCJP (completed in dec 2002) and SCWCD (completed in jan 2004)
7 years of full time experience in java.

I called few agents they all saying you are eligible for normal assissment (fall in Group B where 1 diploma and 6 yrs of exp is required).

someone pls advise shall i go with normal assissment or do i need to fill RPL?

thanks in advance :)
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plss help meee!!
If you have 4 years IT degree then ACS requires 4 years experience.
If you have 2 years degree/diploma, you have to have 6 years experience.
If you don’t have a degree, you have to show 8 years full time experience.

Aforementioned information is my knowledge, I advise you to have a look at ACS site before making any step or wait, perhaps another person with similar situation can answer this well.
It is bit difficult to tell as you are sun certified as ACS has not mentioned anything about it on their website. If I was you, I would play safe, I'll apply for RPL coz you do not have degree and there is a doubt that ACS might not consider your diploma as recognized Diploma.

Skill assessment is still an option while RPL would be a better bet
Hi Shah
mr. india is right. Better to play safe and go for the RPL to avoid any possible risks. I would suggest you to find out some experienced agent, they are exprienced and will help you prepare the documents.
for RPL around 7.5 years of experience (in java/j2ee) is enough to apply?
Any updates Shan?
Reason I'm asking is that I'll start nutting things out later this year.
Myself have 10 years experience (and no degree besides some Microsoft certifications)
What worries me is that in this 10 years I've been using various technologies, and have about 5-6 years verifiable in .Net (which is the only of my experience on the Skills in Demand list)

10 years = vb6(2.5 years) - vb.net - c# - asp.net - php(2 years)- back to c#/asp.net

You guys reckon I might be having issues? (de hell with IT degrees..never met a grad that can actually code!)
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