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Respected folks,

I need serious help in my case.
Just a little brief:- me n my wife applied for 190 visa a year ago from India.
She was detected with TB ( with no symptoms at all from starting, only xray was abnormal then standard) during medicals. she was given TB treatment for 8 months as well., however after treatment her sputum came wrongly possitive.
Immigration asked her to go for MDR however we didnt agree with this advice n We rebeled MOC decision with bronchoscopy report, Genexpert RIF/MTB PCR (both considered more specific test than Orthodox Sputum test) which were negative of any TB bacteria.
Now My wife got message on emedical that "Health assessed- wait for further advice from the deaprtment"

Kindly advice on what to do next.

I can put my wife for MDR TB treatment (intensive and dangerous 18months treatment) when she is not suffering from TB. Reports has shown this clearly.

Dont know what to do.

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