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Im trying to fill the Form 80, but Im confused by some question.

My visa position is Bridging Visa B.

I held the visitor visa and my arrival date was 29th Jun 2014.

I applied the partner visa 820 and the bridging visa effected after the visitor visa expired in Sep.

Then I applied the Bridging Visa B and went to my own country at 16th Feb 2015 and came back at 16th Mar 2015.

Regarding the Q28, my arrival date, should I put 29th Jun 2014, or 16th Mar 2015. Same questions for the Q35.

Q36. Should I mention I was holding a visitor visa, and the reason for the journey is " traveled to Australia and applied the partner visa"? Since I did not departure Australia before the visitor visa expired. My last departure date was during my bridging visa.

Please Help~
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