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Hi Friends !

I have joined this wonderful forum and have got help from it from the starting of my thinking process for PR till now. I would try to explain the situation in which , I am currently , please advice me .

I have less than 5 years experience and married , I am claiming the points as follows:-

Age : 30
Education : 15
Experience : 05
IELTS : 10
Spouse Skills : 05

Now , my IELTS and my spouse's IELTS are over and we have scored the required scores too.
Also both of our ACS is over , with positive assessment , Mine was really quick, but my spouse assessment was held up for the request of some extra documents and finally it got approved three days back.

Meanwhile on March 12 , I had applied for Victoria SS , I could not apply for NSW , as I got assessed as a System Analyst and unfortunately System Analyst is not there in NSW.

I got the acknowledgement from Victoria , but waiting for the results. Now can someone let me know the current scenario about 175 and 176.

Since for 175 , I have gained the eligibility , with my spouse assessment done. I am getting a bit worried , since System analyst is not there in NWS , whereas other ICT occupations are there , so I feel , it may be a case that , if DIAC wants to flag off any particular occupation , it may begin with system analyst (Purely my speculation :confused2: ), So with this should I go forward immediately and apply for 175 or wait till this month end for VIC and then take a decision.

Also , I am reading in some of the threads , that for smooth transition , DIAC may stop accepting applications from a particular time period before JULY 1st 2012.

What's your opinion guys ?
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