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Hi all,

May I please have some sound points of view as regards to our migration to Oz situation.

1. My husband finished his BSN degree here in the US in a university last December 2013. He doesn't have work experience because he is not allowed to work with the visa that we have here in the US. Since I am on a working visa, he is my dependent and doesn't have work authorization.
2. He is a registered nurse here because he passed the NCLEX exam. He is registered both in Maryland and New York.
3. We really want to move to Australia. Our biggest constraint is our ages. My husband is 46 years old and I am turning 45 this year, August.
4. We were advised to get a student visa in Oz for my husband and then he can get an employer who can sponsor him. My friend said if an employer sponsors him, we don't need to worry about points, thereby, losing 15 points for age does not matter anymore. She said Employer Nomination Scheme supersedes the points system.
5. My friend advised us to get a course about aged care because right now, she says, that is where there is a biggest demand for skilled workers.
6. I've looked at Canberra Institute of Technology. They Certificate III and IV in Aged Care. The program runs for a year for about AUD 13,000. This looks feasible and I told my husband to inquire.
7. Our plan is for my husband to go to Oz first. I will stay here in the US since I still have my teaching job. In this way, I can still provide for him instead of all of us going there without work.

Now, my questions are:
1. Is our plan feasible?
2. Is this the best way for our family to migrate to Australia considering our constraints?
3. Do you have suggestions on how we can migrate to Australia given the age and work constraints that we have?
4. Do you have suggestions on what schools we can get into that would align to our plans and would be much cheaper than AUD 13,000?
5. Any insights as regards to how we can migrate to Australia would be highly appreciated.

Please help us. We are in the point of making major decisions and it would be great if we can hear from those who went before us. Thank you very much. Hope to hear...


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