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Hi expats,

I am going to submit student visa application for me, my wife and 2 little kids in the next few days. I have filled all the online form on Immiaccount and now come to part uploading supporting document.

I am the primary applicant, I got offer of admission, scholarships, CoE, letter of commitment of my current institution (a think tank in Vietnam) to assign suitable job after completion of study, CV with list of publications, and so on. Thus there is no problem for me to upload supporting documents.

However, I still see a mark ! in entry of GTE in my wife and kids' upload, which means uploading is required. I don't really know what kind of documents I should attach for my wife and kids. Is it ok if my wife write a statement of purpose and sign, scan and use as a supporting document? Also for our kids, below 5 years old, what kind of document ment I can upload for entry GTE?

One more, I see mark ! in one entry to upload form 1229 of my 2 kids. I understand that this form is only required if my kids is accompanied without one or both parents. In my case, our family unit will live together in Australia, thus I was confused why there is a mark ! for this entry?

Anyone experience the same thing and know how to get through this, please help.

Thank you very much,

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