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Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum. I am from Mumbai, India. Working Malaysia since last 6 years now. I am married and my Wife is also working here in Malaysia since last 3 years. We decided to try our luck to get a PR for Australia.

I needed to get some insight. I tried to search the forum, however, I am unable to find the LATEST Information.

I had filed by EOI in July - Points including PTE - is 65. Will attempt again - Pretty Confident this time around.

Last Attempt
Listening 88
Reading 78 >>>> :eek:
Speaking 81
Writing 83

Basically, I have the option to go for State Sponsorship for ACT. I have a few queries.

1. I am applying for PR with my Wife - So If I get Grant under 190 for ACT. Is it a compulsion that my wife also needs to Live and Work in ACT. Considering she has the option to work from Sydney with her current employer if she a PR.

2. I am a Network Engineer with Good 8+ Years of Experience. Would someone give me just a brief insight into the Job market in Canberra?
- My Concern is the Security Clearance Criteria - Which I read in many job postings.

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