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I decided to post my story with EA skill assessment here so that everyone can benefit.

I am a civil engineer with a bachelor degree so I will be falling under the category of : Professional Engineer

I started looking into assessing my skill back in January 2017, I decided to use the help of a technical writer since I was busy with my job and I was not enthusiast to write a Cdr on my own, plus was not willing to take any risks

I finished writing my CDR with the help of a technical writer and I have to warn you that if you want to use a technical writer, you have to design and tell him how the report will look like and the communication should be very clear and it should be continuous with the technical writer since it is your story and experience, the technical writer is just a tool that will facilitate and improve your writing but the base material and story should come form you and your experience and if you don’t do that you will fall into a trouble

Also, use a credible and authentic technical writer, don’t get robbed

The technical writer that I chose, I chose it with the recommendation of a close friend who was quite satisfied with his services and he changed me around 500$ which I find reasonable

My experience with this technical writer is possible and I strongly recommend him to anyone that wants to use a technical writer. I got a rejected career episode and he didn’t charge me any extras ... I loved his professionalism

I left my contact below, if you want me to refer you to him ...

Anyhow I have submitted the report and I decided to use two career episodes from my university projects and one from my job experience, the reason I chose this arrangement is because I have four years of experience and a good chunk of my experience was site supervision and project management stuff such as coordination scheduling etc ... and I didn’t have design experience on me so it was very challenging...

After submitting through the fast track option, I have got the response from the assessor and he rejected one of the career episodes as well as asked me to submit the original report of the university project, luckily I had the univeristy report although it was a difficult exercise to find since I graduated five years ago *sigh*

The career episode that he rejected was about one of my univeristy projects and although it was related to civil engineering, he rejected it since it is not a conventional hard core civil engineering I assume, it was about flood control and analysis and any civil engineer would know that this field is related to water resources and hydraulics and we studied several courses in our undergraduate studies.

Anyhow the assessor has the upper hand and I couldn’t complain so I contacted my technical writer again and agreed to write a new career episode and update the summary statement accordingly, it took me approximately a week to write a new career episode and this time I chose it from my work experience just to stay in the same side

I have submitted it again and I got another response from the assessor and this time, he was asking about all of my previous work permits

I have sent him the visas and all the old labor contracts (I live in UAE btw)

And finally I got a positive outcome letter

It was a memorable experience because it was dramatic, I hope that this story will help you into submitting your own CDR

Please don’t hesitate to ask me Should you have any questions

And contact me on my <SNIP> Inappropriate content, see:
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