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My Japanese Girlfriend Is Pregnant

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My Girlfriend is living in the UK on a Youth Mobility Scheme visa (Tier5) that expires April 2013. we have been dating since November 2011 and found out she is pregnant a few weeks ago, she is due the beginning of December and We are trying to find out what visa we can apply for (if any).

I am British (Scotland) and the mother-to-be is Japanese, we know that as of 2006 the baby is eligible for UK citizenship, even though we are not married. What we don't know is if she will be eligible for citizenship or some type of visa as the mother of a UK citizen. We could only find information on family visas related to other EEA citizens but not citizens of the UK.

We are not married or living together at the moment but we love each other and want to be together and I don't see any reason either one of us should be kept from seeing our baby.

We would greatly appreciate any help in determining what visa we should apply for or any other relevant information.

Thank You
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Thank you for the quick reply.

We had looked into this but as far as we can tell even if you are not married you have to be living together like a married couple for at least two years.

She does have family back in Japan, we hope it won't come to this however as we do not want to keep one of us from seeing the baby. We know this might have to happen but we hope to find another way.
This confirms out earlier fears, we will see an adviser tomorrow but I don't think they will tell us anything different.

Thank you for the replies.
marriage sounds like your best option tbh...? you obviosuly want to be together, want to offer this child a secure and loving home and family unit and obviously want to keep the mother-to-be in the country... win-win, no?

PS, I'm not for one second suggesting that for you to be able to offer a secure and loving family unit to your child means that you HAVE to be married to do so, but in your case it would probably work out best to ensure the mother of your child gains citizenship and you are not separated due to immigration laws...
Of course I love her and would want to marry eventually just not sure about the morality of rushing into a marriage so she can stay in the UK but I can't bare the thought of not seeing my child, so have a massive decision to make!
You only chance of keeping her in UK is marriage and FLR as wife of a British citizen. Else she has to return to Japan at the expiry of Tier 5 YMS visa. There is always an option for you to move to Japan, and visa rules aren't as restrictive as UK.
We had Just been discussing this option and it is something we are considering but we just want to be aware of all our options before making the best decision for us. Although it looks like we don't have that many options available to us.
We went to speak to an adviser yesterday and she told us that the rules are not set in stone. Every case is treated differently, they just want proof your legit and not scamming the system. If we move in together and open up a joint bank account and do what we can to help are case since we're having a baby (a very big commitment to each other) we have a good chance at getting an unmarried partner visa.

We are still considering getting married though but at least now we will know if we do, it will be because we want to and not that we have to.

Thank you all for your advice
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With the greatest of respect I don't understand why you are reluctant to get married when it offers your girlfriend and child the greatest security of you all being able to be together.

While you say you would rather get married when you want to rather then when you have to, the situation has changed somewhat due to the pregnancy.

If you were thinking of getting married at some stage, your prospective child is just bringing this date forward.

I think its rather sad that you are thinking in these terms "have to get married" - if I was your girlfriend I would be very disappointed that you felt like this.
I understand what you are saying and I do want to marry her, I just didn't want her to think that I only wanted to because she was pregnant and needed a visa. I wanted her to know that it was because I loved her.

I realise that I was being silly and I will prove my feelings for her by doing everything I can to make sure we stay together and raise a wonderful child.
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