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My Japanese Girlfriend Is Pregnant

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My Girlfriend is living in the UK on a Youth Mobility Scheme visa (Tier5) that expires April 2013. we have been dating since November 2011 and found out she is pregnant a few weeks ago, she is due the beginning of December and We are trying to find out what visa we can apply for (if any).

I am British (Scotland) and the mother-to-be is Japanese, we know that as of 2006 the baby is eligible for UK citizenship, even though we are not married. What we don't know is if she will be eligible for citizenship or some type of visa as the mother of a UK citizen. We could only find information on family visas related to other EEA citizens but not citizens of the UK.

We are not married or living together at the moment but we love each other and want to be together and I don't see any reason either one of us should be kept from seeing our baby.

We would greatly appreciate any help in determining what visa we should apply for or any other relevant information.

Thank You
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Have you looked at the information on the UKBA site regarding switching categories from the YMS to the spouse/partner category?

Does she have family in Japan that will welcome her home if she has to go back to apply for a different visa as a fiancee or unmarried partner?
Of course I love her and would want to marry eventually just not sure about the morality of rushing into a marriage so she can stay in the UK but I can't bare the thought of not seeing my child, so have a massive decision to make!
Sometimes Life has a way of putting timelines up, and we have to make decisions that are truly momentous in a half-heartbeat. However, this is a HUGE, life altering decision and you're right to want to make a marriage decision for all the right reasons. Hopefully the adviser will be able to suggest something sensible and doable so that the two of you can work all this out in your own time.
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