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As I've found this forum a great resource when I was planning to come to France, I thought it only fair to contribute back. This is my experience with my first government department. My confirmation meeting at the OFII in Grenoble, to finalize the visitor's visa.

After sending all my paperwork to the OFII in Grenoble when I arrived, I received a confirmation letter that they received my documents, then I received my appointment date for 6 weeks later.

I did not have an x-ray in Grenoble at the OFII. I was sent to Chambery my that. I had to make my own appointment for this. It was pretty straight forward. I asked a friend to make the appointment for me as talking on the phone is harder. This appointment was just at a regular radiology office. It took 30 min for the x-ray. I was handed the x-rays to take with me to the OFII meeting the following month.

The meeting in Grenoble. Firstly buying your Timbers Fiscale. I don't have a printer yet, so I could not buy them online. I attempted to buy them at a local Tobac. Please note, not all Tobacs sell the Timbers. I went to 4 different tobacs as I walked from the train station to the OFII offices. The stress was mounting.

I got to the OFII office and asked the security guard if there was a tobac near by that that sold them. He said no, and the easiest place to buy them was at the Prefecture.

So I went all the way back to the prefecture, asked where I could buy these, and then 5 min later, headed back to the OFII offices 10 mins away.

My appointment was set for 2.00 in the letter. The office actually re-opened at 1.30. The security guard told me to be there at 1.30. Not to worry. Everyone just filed into the small reception area.

I checked in with the front desk and was told to wait. My name was called up and I was directed to a corridor, to wait for the Medical. As I already had my x-rays, this meeting took 5 mins. No really specific questions asked. No eye tests etc. Just my medical history and blood pressure.

I was then directed back to reception to wait again. Another lady came and took me took me to another room. This was basically to put the new stamp in my passport. I had to check that all the numbers matched, passport number and visa numbers and name etc.

Again no real questions asked of me. 5min later. I was done. I said I'd see her in a year, and she said no. I would be going to the prefecture to renew my visa. I could go to a more local prefecture in Chambery. For me, this is heaps easier to get to by train.

So that is my experience with the OFII (tourist visa) in Grenoble. The next hurdle will be the changing of my status from tourist to an independent worker (contractor) next year.

But I am happy to have this first hurdle complete and be all registered and in the system.

I hope this helps anyone going to the OFII in Grenoble in the future.

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