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Movistar... oh no, not again I hear you say.

Crap, Rubbish, Basura just three of the phrases regularly used to describe Movistar and their Customer Service. I honestly don't know where these comments come from because my dealings with the C/S reps have always led to a rapid solution and have invariably led to some money savings for me.

OH, Solwriter, has just returned to the UK after a fortnights visit and her UK mobile phone had for the duration of her visit shown very poor signal levels when coupled to Movistar. During the last week of her visit, my phone too started acting up to the point that by Friday of last week we were unable to send or receive voice or text messages. No big deal... our main mast is located on top of Parapanda mountain near Montefrio and is subject to quite extreme weather conditions; signal drop off occurs infrequently but we always have the landline to fall back on. Both our mobiles are wifi compliant so we can always use whatsapp or Blackberry Messenger via out internet wifi router.

This morning before I took Solwriter down to meet the Malaga Airport coach, I drafted and sent an email to Movistar, reporting the 5 day drop-off of mobile signal cover and requesting they investigate. I mean, a mobile phone is pretty useless if you cant make mobile calls on it even in an emergency!

When I got back home there was an email response waiting for me, promising an investigation but pointing out that there had been no other complaints about loss of signal.

This got me to thinking... My phone is usually rock solid 5 bars sig strength at home but S's Blackberry phone has always been a bit choosy about what rooms it will work in. I decided to reboot my mobile phone, simply turning it off and then back on again... An autosearch is carried out during the reboot process... BINGO! 5 bars of signal strength and an immediate influx of text messages from Movistar and a shed load of Spam.

Shortly thereafter I had a call from Movistar on my landline... I reported to them that rather than the problem being theirs it was in fact my phone that had gone on strike and that after a reboot all was well. I called up my original email to them and added an addendum asking them to cancel the report and re-sent it.

Again another call to my landline from the English speaking C/S rep enquiring whether the situation remained resolved and ensuring that I wasn't experiencing any further problems.

She also pointed out that the daily fee I pay for data access on my PAYG phone had been set in place when I first bought that smartphone and that much reduced rates for a more generous data access were now available... would I like to change to the new tariff?... obviously I said yes... I rarely use the mobile for internet access because it's daylight readability is non-existant... I bought the phone, a Nokia C6, as an unlocked phone from a non-franchised phone shop and set up the Movistar PAYG facility separately.

I know some people do have problems with Movistar, but over the last three years or so whenever I have made a report about slow internet or other problems, my enquiries have always been handled expeditiously and courteously. They have made various sales offers some of which I have taken up, some I have declined but my phone bills, including line rental, internet access and international calls are much less than they were when we first started out with them seven years ago.

Last month for instance my total phone bill was just 65 Euros and that included 80 Euros worth of calls to the UK. All my landline calls within Spain are free, I pay just 7.99€ a month for 500 minutes of calls 24/7 outside of Spain, my ADSL access is 29€ and my line rental is 14€.

So thumbs up for Movistar... well played.
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