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MOVING TO UK [hopefully..]

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Next year i will apply for my US citizenship.
I really want to go to the UK but i want my US citizenship first.

Can someone tell me the legal process of what one has to go through as a US citizen moving to the UK?

Thanks! Itll be much appreciated
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You have to be sponsored for a job, otherwise there is little chance, unless you are very rich, in which case there is no problem....
I hate to say it, but being a US citizen really won't help you (it won't hinder you either) when it comes to UK immigration. The countries may be allies, but it doesn't make immigration any easier from the US to the UK, or the other way around.

Check out the UK Border Agency for more information about working in the UK UK Border Agency | Working in the UK Just in case you have any interest in studying in the UK I'll link that section as well UK Border Agency | Studying in the United Kingdom

Sorry I haven't better news for you.

Best wishes,
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