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Hi everyone

I am new to this fantastic forum.

I am close to have a Sponsorship from Sydney (visa 457).
I am currently living in London (UK) and in 2005 I lived in Sydney... I bet things have changed a lot... my personal situation for sure.

I have a wife and a baby of almost 4 years.... and a dog.

The move will be complicated but we are so happy to go down under... we are only very curious to know what we will face once back there.

I know prices have gone up.. and Sydney is now one of the most expensive places in the world... but hopefully it won't be as bad as London.... PLEASE TELL ME IT IS NOT!!!

Anyway.... I have a couple of questions (to start with)....


1) I read somewhere that since I will be on a "temporary" visa (457) I am not allowed any benefit for the schools... but does this mean I will have to pay money also for the Public schools or simply that I won't get (like here in UK) Working Tax credits?

2) What is the process to sign up my daughter to a primary school? she was born in October, so in UK the primary school would start for her in Sept 2014.
Is it the same, if you know, in Australia?

3) What's the normal fee for Public Schools? I guess there are big queues... is any particular suburb where things are particularly bad?

4) I have a dog... what 's the quarantine process for her? I know the certificates and vaccinations she needs... but is she going to be held for long in the quarantine?

Many thanks for your time!

Marco and Lisa
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