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Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing fine. This is a really nice and helpful forum for new expats :)

I am moving to Sydney from Pakistan in the first week of August 2015. I am looking for the following information/help. Please guide:

1. How can I pre-book an accommodation for a single person (male) before I land in Sydney so that I have a place to stay once I'm there?

2. What are good accommodation areas in Sydney (shared/individual) in terms of reasonable weekly rates, access to public transport and facilities (internet, halal food, electricity/gas/water)?

3. I've heard from numerous people that true job hunt only begins once a person is physically present in Australia. Is this entirely true? What can I do in the one month prior to reaching Australia which can help me get started and I don't have to start from scratch when I reach Australia.

4. What is the estimated cost of a modest living in Sydney per week for a single person considering the following items and also considering that one is not spending lavishly on these:

- Residence
- Food
- Utilities (Internet, Electricity, Gas, Water)
- Public Transport Travel
- Cellphone
- Other Miscellaneous Expenditures

P.S; If there is any other person looking to move to Sydney in the first week of August 2015, please feel free to contact me and we can get in touch.

Thanks for the help in advance. :)
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