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Moving to Spain: more than good weather and sound food

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3 out of 10 expats in Spain moved there looking for job. The question “why do people move to Spain” is a very interesting one because literally millions of people have moved there over the last few decades. However, interestingly in our online poll the subject of moving to Spain attracted fewer votes than for [...]

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I started reading, got up to the line you've highlighted employment in Spain still seems to be “fairly easy" and stopped reading.
Why would I want to spend time reading an article that hasn't been researched, does not give a real picture and seems to be written by someone who has no contact with life in Spain?
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yep - I switched off at that point too - then went back & read it afterwards

it seems it was based upon the results of a poll - so only as accurate as the info given by those who responded
But you've got to interprete info, haven't you? Just because X% said they wanted to go to Spain to look for work, it doesn't mean that work is "fairly easy" to find, does it? That might be what the UK population believe, much to our disbelief, but it doesn't make it true, does it? Right now people have got more prospects of finding work in Greece rather than Spain, but...
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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