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I'm new to this site but I expect I'll be here for quite a while asking questions and talking. My Current situation is my employer has asked me to move to the Houston office, I am currently based in Glasgow. Discussions internally are still ongoing but it looks like it's something that will likely materialise.

Based on this the key things I am looking at are:
- Visas
- Impact on Family
- Specific parts of my ex pat offer (e.g. education costs for my kids, rental allowances etc etc)

I've been speaking to colleagues who have been on expat deals through my current employer and I have an idea of what to expect now. So I'm trying to do some pre-emptive maths to work out if this is going to be worthwhile financially speaking that is. One thing they pay is this COLA which is done through some sort of tax equalization scheme which means I would get paid my normal salary in the UK and taxed as normal. Then I receive this COLA plus a thank you bonus. Does anyone know how I could roughly find out how to calculate the COLA, I'm keen to get a rough idea now so that maybe if it's not worthwhile I can just say to my boss now that I don't want to pursue it any further.
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