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Moving to France to work remotely

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Hi All,
I am a U.S. citizen who just bought a house with my husband (U.S. citizen) in France. We plan to relocate there in 2 months. My employer is allowing me to work completely remotely and is based in Chicago. They do not have an office in France. Our income will come solely from my job and it is full-time.
Here are my questions:
1. Do I need a visa of any kind?
2. What do I need to tell my employer to do, so that they are not doing anything illegal? I saw mention of declaring me as temporarily assigned to work abroad and that there is no physical presence of an office. Does anyone have more information on the specifics of this or an attorney I could talk to?
3. I also saw mention of becoming an independent contract. If I propose becoming an independent contractor to them, what are the benefits to them and to me?

My job is kindly supporting me in this venture, and it's a small non-profit organization so I want to be sure to not put them in a compromising position, but also don't want to do something that would cost me extra.
Please help and thank you in advance!
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If you're planning on remaining in France for more than 90 days at a time, then you need a visa no matter what your plans are regarding employment or finances.

Take a look at the "sticky" at the top of the forum page - the one about French social security. http://www.expatforum.com/expats/fr...social-security-system-explained-english.html Toward the end of the first page of the website the sticky sends you to, there is a statement: >> When an employer with a head office in another country and no place of business in France hires an employee in France to work in that country, that employer is required to report and pay Social Security contributions<< and it gives an address to contact.

Now, whether or not you can get a visa based on moving to France to telecommute to a job back in the US is another question. Normally you need a "reason" to want to live in France - like retirement, a job where the employer has obtained work authorization, desire to research/experience the culture, etc. But just be aware that you are considered to be working in France as long as you are doing the work for which you are being paid while physically present in France.

It's possible to "freelance" - i.e. to establish a personal business and bill your "employer" back in the US for your services, while paying your own cotisations (social insurances) - but be aware that the rates for cotisations for "independents" are quite a bit higher than those for employees (because the employer is paying in a significant portion of the cotisations).
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