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Thanks Deeps but what would you class as good schools, I have tried to get hold of school grading results without success
look here KHDA reports

plenty more info in the SCHOOLS THREAD sticky

look at ALL the areas online, in terms of location, amenities, cost (look at propertyfinder.ae or dubizzle)

when you get here, spend a day in a car and drive round all the areas and look for yourselves.
Find a few areas you like? do the same drive at rush hour....
want to see inside? follow up an ad on Dubizzle / propertyfinder and go and view.
There's no reason to let the agent know you dont need it right away...

plenty more info in the HOUSING THREAD sticky

sort out the school
sort out the house.

property agents are a nightmare, and sorting housing is a real pain in the backside.
It is a walk in the park compared to sorting out the school, though!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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