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(Sorry if *this* thread has been opened several times, I think each person's case is different)

The situation is the following.

I'm 19, born in Croatia, have lived in in Norway for about 6 years in total, with a 'break' of 2 years being in Croatia. I don't have the last two (of four) years of high-school (hospitality and tourism) that I attended in Croatia.

I was supposed to move to London (from Norway) in a few weeks but thanks to the immature plan with a lack of determination of my two reasonably older friends (who actually got there on monday and decided to return to Croatia for a silly reason)... it all fails.

Being aware of the fact almost half of the young population in Spain is unemployed and the fact of me not having finished high-school but having great life ambitions, what are my possibilities when arriving to Barcelona? I have to mention I speak croatian, english, norwegian on an advanced level and fair italian. I assume my spanish would be fluent within two or three months, since I do know a tiny basic bit and understand well the flow and being of languages.

Bars, restaurants, hotels? Some sort of customer service for the scandinavian market? What about monthly wage, rents? How does it all function and what should I expect?

As I feel choked up by the life I'm leading at the moment, any helpful words are appreciated in advance. :pray2:



Sorry for a bit long post.
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