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Moving to Australia

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I'm Canadian, I've done tons of research on relocating to Australia. However I still have a few questions.

I'm thinking of applying for a skilled visa because I actually have education and experience in a couple different occupations that are on the list.

Sales & Marketing Manager (60pts)
Advertising Specialist (50pts)

I'm just unsure of the requirements of those occupations. In Canada, I am just finishing up my college advanced diploma (3 year program) in Advertising, but I have over 4 years experience in Sales and Marketing 2 years FT/ 2 years PT.

I've been told that to qualify you need a BA (Bachelors Degree), and if you don't have this you might as well not apply, but I've also been told by others that all you need is the experience. My college diploma is equivalent to a 3 year BA program, I'm wondering if this will satisfy that requirement? Or if it's a requirement at all.

I've taken the online "assessments" and I've scored a 120 points, I'm wondering how accurate these assessments are?

Also an opinion based question - what do you think my chances are, and what Visa would you recommend? (keep in mind, in the long run I want to get Australia Citizenship)

Canadian, 23 years old (25ish by the time I want to be in Australia)
College graduate
4 years Sales & Marketing experience
1 Year Advertising Experience
Healthy, no criminal convictions, etc.

Thanks Everyone.
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Hi there,

Welcome to the forum.

Let's start with your skill set. If you have a look here Sales and Marketing Manager 1231-11 - Australian Skills Recognition Information the requirements for a sales and marketing manager are a bachelor degree or higher OR 5 years relevant experience.

The Advertising Specialist Advertising Specialist 2221-17 - Australian Skills Recognition Information requires a bachelor degree or higher.

I think your best option is to contact a migration agent and ask their opinion. It will save you time and effort. We do have agents who post on here, Veronika (username SOMV) posts fairly regularly and you can contact her via her signature.

Alternatively, any agent you do contact just make sure they are MIA/MARA registered.

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If DIY, the Immi site has such an assessment. But at 120 cut-off you should buffer it further. Personal calculation, mine was at 140.

I think your passport entitles you to the minimum points for English. Why not read the IELTS and score the max possible points.

Of course, as Dolly said, the easy way is via agents.
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