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Moving to alicante

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Moving to Rojales in July,with girlfriend and kids coming over next year, I know there's not much about but looking for work around there, I've got transport all plastering tools, i work for myself in Oldham greater Manchester, 32 years old, i can turn my hand to anything don't mind labouring,driving, anything really. thinking of trying to set up doing sail shades any things worth a try I suppose nothing to lose. Any way gone on enough if anyone could give me any helpfully info or even better offer me some work i'm hardworking and don't expect loads of wages thanks for taking the time to read. Thanks. Anthony
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We thought that a state school would be more mixed, did not realise that it was totally Spanish, really opened our eyes to how big the move is!! any rough ideas of costs for private schools for 14 and 11 year old Rojales alicante area? thanks for all advice much appreciated even though it's not good news.
Hi there,
My advice would be to look at the stickies at the top of the page where you'll find so much info your head will be swimming! In the Useful Links sticky,
about the third post down, you'll find links to posts made about education, plus info about tax, cars, paperwork, websites, renting property and a big fat etc. Look at the other stickies too.
Happy reading, and ask if you need more info.
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