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Moving to alicante

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Moving to Rojales in July,with girlfriend and kids coming over next year, I know there's not much about but looking for work around there, I've got transport all plastering tools, i work for myself in Oldham greater Manchester, 32 years old, i can turn my hand to anything don't mind labouring,driving, anything really. thinking of trying to set up doing sail shades any things worth a try I suppose nothing to lose. Any way gone on enough if anyone could give me any helpfully info or even better offer me some work i'm hardworking and don't expect loads of wages thanks for taking the time to read. Thanks. Anthony
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International schools are usually around 500€ a month each child and then theres the uniforms,books, but they do follow the british currciulum and aim for GCSEs. When we were in Spain with our two children, it cost us around 3000€ including rent, bills, etc. State schools in Spain are Spanish, they have a totally different curriculum to British schools and unlike British schools, kids cant go up to the next year til they have passed exams, which as a foreigner they would struggle with. So your 14 yo would miss out on taking GCSEs and wouldnt be fluent enough in Spanish to take their general certificate.

So regardless of work etc, I dont think now is a good time to be planning to do this. Its something we had to wrestle with too and we're now back in the UK cos my son needed to go to a college in the UK and the schooling costs in Spain were extortionate. My husband was commuting for work the whole time we lived in Spain, which wasnt ideal.

Maybe one day.......

Jo xxx
Best check the euro millions tonight then thanks for all the info
I hate spoiling dreams tho. Why dont you do something like rent in Alicante for the kids summer holidays - a long holiday and see how it is?? You may find bits and pieces and you wont have to worry about schools or long term???? And by then you may have won the lottery and could stay lol!!!

Jo xxx
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