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Moving to alicante

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Moving to Rojales in July,with girlfriend and kids coming over next year, I know there's not much about but looking for work around there, I've got transport all plastering tools, i work for myself in Oldham greater Manchester, 32 years old, i can turn my hand to anything don't mind labouring,driving, anything really. thinking of trying to set up doing sail shades any things worth a try I suppose nothing to lose. Any way gone on enough if anyone could give me any helpfully info or even better offer me some work i'm hardworking and don't expect loads of wages thanks for taking the time to read. Thanks. Anthony
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Agree about the 14 year old. It's such an important age and a move like this could very easily ruin his or her chance of leaving school with any qualifications, if not put them off education all together. Can you imagine starting a new school in a language you couldn't speak at that age?

And no, at that age you don't just 'pick up' the language through immersion. It takes a lot of work and it takes at least a year, if not four or five to get to a level where you could cope with school in Spanish.

By all means come, if you really, honestly think you have nothing to lose - make sure you always have the money to get home if needed. But I'd say you probably do have something to lose - namely this family you're clearly trying to build together. Sorry if that's harsh, but this could put strain on your relationship if the kids are unhappy. This needs to be thought out properly.
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