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Moving to alicante

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Moving to Rojales in July,with girlfriend and kids coming over next year, I know there's not much about but looking for work around there, I've got transport all plastering tools, i work for myself in Oldham greater Manchester, 32 years old, i can turn my hand to anything don't mind labouring,driving, anything really. thinking of trying to set up doing sail shades any things worth a try I suppose nothing to lose. Any way gone on enough if anyone could give me any helpfully info or even better offer me some work i'm hardworking and don't expect loads of wages thanks for taking the time to read. Thanks. Anthony
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To be honest there are literally thousands of people with your background who are out of work. IF you get work you'll be paid peanuts, self employed and your N.I. is 250 a month regardless if you have worked or not, not benefits to fall back on, nothing, nowt. You'd need to work about 30 hours a week to cover NI and rent on a pretty basic apartment. If the children are over about seven they would need a private school so you need to work another 40 hours a week to pay for that, add on fuel, food, power/utility and you'd need to work a 12-15 hour day seven days a week on the pay you'd likely receive and thats before you've had a beer. Not a good time to move in all honesty.
Thanks for your reply! I know exactly were your coming from, the one thing what's worrying us is the school situation, we've got 2 kids one will be 14 and the other 11 and I presumed they could go to a state school, could anyone give us more information regarding this, thanks Anthony.
They both need private Schools, don't kid yourself they don't. They won't have a hope in hell of passing anything really if you put them in a State school at their ages. Spain is not like the UK where the local authority will take on tutors to cover the language requirements of new pupils. You would be really pooping on their futures to think they will just pick up the language... they will but just not at a level needed to succeed in School work.

Cost wise it will be in the region of £10,000 a year for both to cover fees and other costs or to put it another way, 40 hours work every week, fifty two weeks of the year at €5 an hour just to pay the School bill.

Someone on this forum said something like "Spain is a great place to live if you have money, not so great if you need to earn money" Without a permanent job with contract and a good fixed salary life would be extremely hard for you and your family which begs the question "Do you want to put them through it"

Go out and have a look, note how many bars are shut, how many are up for sale, look at the half constructed properties which reflect the collapse of the building trade, remember you don't speak the language, know the rules, know people you can 'network'...think long and very hard chap but good luck anyway.
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