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Having lived in different countries over many years I can't help but notice how many people move abroad to try to save a marriage which is in trouble.
In reality what happens is that the problems in the marriage become even bigger when faced with the challenges of living in a foreign country.
The vast majority of people I have met over the years who have moved abroad to save their marriages have told me it was the biggest mistake they ever made, especially if they have bought a property in the country as selling it to split the proceeds when the marriage breaks up is often far harder than they imagined.
Often one partner goes back to the Uk (or wherever they come from)while the other stays behind to try to sell the home and is often trapped in a house they cannot sell in a country they don't want to be in.
My advice to any couples contemplating a move to any country other than their home country (wherever that may be ) is to think very very hard before making the move if your relationship is not totally sound.
If you really do want to move abroad DO NOT buy a property (see here I am shooting myself in the foot again) Rent to see how things go, because if your relationship does not survive the move it is easier to get out of it without too many complications.

Ok marriage councelling over for now:D:D:D:D

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