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Moving home in France

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Does anyone have any experience of the way selling and buying your house in France works ? We live in England and have sold our house in the AUde, and are looking to move north to Allier.

DO these things ever co-incide as in UK or do you have to sell first and then buy once you are sure things are going through.

Any advice or where I can seek it much appreciated.
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Generally no, the system is not the same as the UK. i.e. no chains and relying on each other to complete contract etc.

Best option is to sell then look to purchase again when the money is in the bank.

Good luck
Whilst agreeing with Gapster's post above, chains are being seen more often in France now. We actually sold then bought without leaving the Notaire's office! She rather pointedly joked that we were now homeless, in the 30-minute interval between selling and buying, but all worked well in the end.

We were prepared to sell and live in rented accommodation, but it proved to be unnecessary.
Managing OK so far. We complete on our sale in the AUde on 02 March and are on schedule for our new purchase on the 31st.

Found a good removal firm based near Limoux for removals and storage, so things are looking good.
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