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Hi there I have been living in Australia now for 8yrs and I am about to moved back to the UK. I am a UK resident, I just had a few questions about things I might need to know. 1) Do I need a visa to move back to the UK?
2) Even though I am a permenant resident of Australia,
do i still have all my UK rights?
3) Do i need to inform the UK that i am coming home to
4) Will I need to make sure I have enough money to survive
untill I get a job or would I be entitled to benefits?

Its all a bit overwhelming for me at the moment, as my desission to move back home is due to my marrage breakdown. I still have all my family in the UK with the exception of one of my sons, who is staying here in Australia. I am so home sick and want to go home sooner rather than later. Does anyone have any advise for me or similar stories of how they have went about their return with very little funds.
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