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Hey guys,

I have many questions, I have tried over the last couple of weeks to find the answers and I guess I am not looking in the right places or asking the right questions.

I am hoping to move to Dubai with my family. I am currently a 33 year old head of Computer Science looking for head of department roles but really want Assistant head posts, my wife is a Higher Level Teaching Assistant with a focus on Literacy, our daughter will be four when we move over I am looking at schools with accommodation and free sibling places.

1) Does Dubai actually have lots for a four year old to do, I have seen lots on the internet about how great it is, but I would like real world examples.

2) How expensive is Dubai, I am wanting to save some money and eat out once or twice a month, nothing crazy. From research (which might be wrong) the average salary for HoD in Dubai is 18,000 AED a month. I don’t drink really, I don’t smoke, just experience stuff, not have a crazy lifestyle. It is likely I would be able to put some money aside or is that a crazy pipe dream.

3) Would I need a car to get around, if people believe I do, how expensive are cars in Dubai.

4) Last and most importantly I guess. Would you guys recommend it?

Thanks for your time it is really gonna help.
A lot of your questions are covered generally in plenty of recent threads.

Really depends on what your 4 year old likes to do but I work with plenty of guys with young families and they enjoy great family lives.

Dubai is expensive in many ways but if your accommodation and education is free and you clear 18000 you should be able to save some money, quite how much will depend on lifestyle. Assuming also that your medical is covered for family.

In my opinion if you want to lead an active family life then a car is pretty much essential, you can buy (as has been illustrated) or rent a decent small car for 1000 upwards.

I have absolutely no regrets moving here and we are very happy but it's not for everyone.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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