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Moving a family to France for 1 year- advice?

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Hi- In a couple of years, we are considering moving to France for a year. Our children attend a school in Toronto where they do French curriculum and are fluent themselves. My husband and I are mediocre and would be interested in going to a small/medium city in the south of France where we could take language classes and where my husband may work remotely part time. I'm looking for suggestions on the following:
Immigration for me and the kids- my husband is an EU citizen. My kids and I are dual USA/Canadian citizenship
Cities that would fit our needs
Suggestions on how to proceed

Thanks much!
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Hi and welcome to the forum!

If your husband is an EU national, you've got the hard part under control. According to the latest changes, it appears you can just move there on a Schengen short-term visa (basically like the American VWP) and "regularize" yourselves when you get there.

Working remotely may be something of a hassle to arrange. If your husband is working for a company, he'll have to look into whether or not his employer can/will put him on their French payroll (if they have a French presence), and if not (or if he is truly working for himself), will have to set up some sort of business entity for himself - probably auto-entrepreneur, at least to start with. I can tell you from experience that French paperwork can be a royal PITA if you don't have a decent level of French, as they do not generally offer forms in any language other than French.

Personally, I'd consider the area around Montpellier. Montpellier is a university town, so there is no shortage of language classes and stuff to do. Only "problem" is that it is currently one of the most popular areas for the French (and everyone else) to move to - with the usual issues of finding affordable housing, etc.
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