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Hi Guys and Girls,

sorry for bother you with my questions, but i wanna know your opinion and ideas about my situation. Thanks for all suggestions ! :tea:

I'm and my kids are russian and my wife are chinese, we lives and working in China for last 10 years in city like SF. Here we doing on-line business (annual selling value: ~$200k) and our clients are mostly Americans.

My idea is - move our business to US, cos i think what it will help us do our work better (save shipping time/fees, more trustful location, avoid custom fees for customers, etc). Also, i wish my kid get American education). That's all.

So, my question is: do we have any legal way to move our business(not that big) and our a$$es to US and how we can get legal status. Please estimate the chances if any. I understand, If here NO WAY - we will continue in China, but just guessing..

Thanks !
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